Hi there...

I'm Mardy Bridges, owner and operator at All My Wednesdays. Previously my business was named after me, but after some soul searching I decided to rebrand to something more interesting, with more room to evolve.

I try to run my business in a way that reflects my personality and values. Because of this I choose to focus on smaller weddings, charge affordably and create work that is simple, beautiful and honest. I love to work with couples who are planning a wedding that is unique to them and want their photographs/film to reflect their one of a kind relationship. You do you, and I'll do the rest.

That's the work side of things; outside of work I love movies, art, good food and old music. I dabble in painting and drawing, I like to make my friends laugh and dance badly to live music. Often those two go hand in hand. If there's anything else you'd like to know, get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you shoot both photography and video at the same wedding?

All my cameras and lenses are ideal for both professional photos and excellent HD video, all it takes to change from one to the other is a button. When doing both photography and video, photography takes preference and once I’ve got the shot, I’ll switch to video and take footage to be used in a highlights video. During the ceremony I’ll set up a tripod to film the entire ceremony and I’ll use my primary camera to take photographs and extra video footage from different angles. As photography does take priority it’s important to note that when doing both photography and video, my wedding films will be shorter and I cannot capture every moment in both video and pictures. I also recommend that if you’re considering the photography and video package, allow plenty of time on your schedule so I can spend the time that I need with you during each section of the day.


Why do you only shoot weddings of 130 guests or less?

I only get to spend one day with your guests, but I like for them to get to know me a little so that they feel comfortable while I'm wandering around pointing a camera at them. Not only do I enjoy my work more that way, I also get better shots and do a better job. If you really love my work I do make exceptions, but it will likely involve an additional cost for a second shooter.


Will you travel for weddings and if so how much do you charge?

For sure! I charge a travel fee of $350 for weddings located in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA or TAS and include one extra hour of coverage, For WA or NT I charge $450 for travel but include an hour of free additional coverage. I also travel to Europe frequently to visit family, so depending on the time of year I can occasionally fit in an international wedding with a minimal fee for travel, just get in touch to find out.


Can I involve my pets in the wedding/my dog will be at the house during prep and he's real big is that ok?